Candace Pert

…the best on the East coast and elite in the entire country – my longtime, compassionate and funny friend Adam Helfer’s unique blend of working the muscles and subtle spiritual based energy work has been a blessing for me and my family for many years.

Linda T. Sanchez

After working with Adam, I can honestly say I’ve never felt better. Thanks for helping get my body back in balance.

The Andy Parks Show

Anytime something happens with the Occupy movement, from DC to New York and Philadelphia, we know we can go to Adam to get the real story.

He jumps into the fray, talks to the players, finds out what’s really happening, and brings it all back to our show in a way that makes listeners feel like they’re right alongside him.

Adam has been able to paint a vivid and often intense picture of what’s happening, as it’s happening. He’s been fearless in his coverage and a great asset in bringing stories of the Occupy movement to our show.

Kristin Canty

It has been great working with Adam.

I have known Adam since he showed up to give a testimonial for my documentary about farm raids. Since then, he has helped raise awareness about this serious issue by using his column in the Washington Times Communities to promote the real foods movement.

He has done a wonderful job exposing the unfair bullying and strong arming of the small, family farms, by our own government.

While other mainstream columnists are ignoring this issue or have given more credence to the big guys, Adam has helped motivate change with his writings about this subject, and he has consistently defended the small farmer.

Antonio Valladares

At a time where we have more doctors, nutrition experts, medicine, books, technology, and specialists in every field, it’s interesting to note that there is more degenerative disease, orthopedic injuries and obesity than ever before. It is imperative to know someone who is a true expert at integrating the physical, mental and spiritual elements of health and wellness that actually improve health and well-being.

Adam is a true professional whose friendship and guidance has been instrumental in the success of my career. I have experienced significant improvement in the quality of my life as a direct result of his work and influence. His integrity is clearly evident through a commitment to his own health and fitness. Adam stays on the cutting edge by pursuing education and healing technologies from some of the world’s leading experts. I have been fortunate to have … Read More »

Norman Coleman

As a 71 year old with a very full job schedule, each year I am able to do about 2-3 marathons, including Boston, and 2-3 triathlons, including Ironman Coeur D’Alene (First Place) and qualified for Ironman Kona this past year.

With Adam’s superb technique as part of my preparation, I am able to accomplish this with limited training, and few injuries.

Norman Coleman
Ironman Triathlete
#8 ranking (70-74 Age group)

Kerri Davis

I met Adam when I was going through a lot of self-doubt and hit rock bottom with faith in people. Adam helped me realize that there are good people out there who are truly genuine.

He really cares about people…it’s not just fame and fortune for him, and you can truly feel it coming out of his heart. No dogma or judgements, just true love and compassion for the welfare of others and the planet.

He gives you true faith, and its very beautiful. Adam has helped me to understand the world better, to always strive to better myself and, most importantly, to believe again.

Vilasini Devi

The first time I met Adam, I was astounded by his extensive knowledge.

Being so young at the time, I was deeply impacted for years to come. He opened my mind to infinite possibilities and is a fountain of information and practical life skills.

I feel honored that I was able to connect with him. He is one of the most advanced thinkers of our generation, and with a voice in major media, he can now influence and motivate the world with his expertise on health and spirituality.

Victoria M.

I’ve been getting bodywork done for years, and never could find anybody to work deep enough. Adamdoes that, and seems to have the best knowledge of the muscle structure that I’ve ever encountered.

This detailed medical massage, combined with the energy work, and practical lifestyle advice has made it the most beneficial therapy I have ever received.

Antonio Torres

I’ve known Agni for years and have consulted with him on many subject matters. I have always known him to have a passion for Fitness coaching. Lately, I’ve sought his advice to help me work on my soccer game, specifically my endurance. Not only did his advice improve my endurance, it improved my overall performance on the field. As it is, I also feel healthier…and it shows! I highly recommend a consultation with him. You will see he’s a cut above the rest.

E. Marinos

The holistic lifestyle and energy medicine training I took from Adam was amazing. Not only did I learn Reiki, but got a program for proper exercise and nutrition. I also got practical tips and techniques for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Adam took thoughts and questions I had for some time and helped to give me immense clarity on them. He explained complex, esoteric topics in a simplistic, understandable fashion and gave me a lifetime of information and instruction to think about and work with. I was very thankful for his personal instruction and the kindness he showed me. The example he shows me as a person inspires me to always be trying to better myself.

N. Sigal

I was introduced to Adam/Agni through a mutual friend. I was amazed at his deep level of information on so many subject matters. In the age of specialization he is a rare find and a true gem (along with movie star looks and persona- you can’t beat that!). This is the type of rounded, diversified person I would like to see our President and world leaders be like.

He was also quite a physical and spiritual specimen- there may not be anyone else out there like him. Consulting with him helped my own advising career along with changing my personal attitude towards exercise. I still am doing the exercises he showed me and I have passed them on to others. He did more to change my life then anyone ever has.

I would love to see Adam run for President one day and I would gladly help in his campaigning…go Adam!

Since “spirituality” has gotten so popular, it seems to also have gotten watered down or much lesser aspects are being passed off. Adam/Agni has a true understanding of the science of spirituality. His practical application and explanations I find easier to understand and apply then council from some teachers and gurus twice his age. That combined with how to balance and take care of our minds and bodies properly, he really is and shares the total package.

I went in feeling almost crippled and came out like I went through surgery but without any pain afterwards. Amazing. There is truly magic in Adams hands.