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Farmageddon working to expose documentary to a larger audience

25th April

WASHINGTON, April 25th, 2012 – The eye-opening documentary Farmageddon: the Unseen War on America’s Farms can now be seen on cable On Demand. It will also be made available on Itunes, Hulu, Netflix, and for individual purchase from Amazon.com

The riveting food documentary has gained nationwide attention by vividly conveying the stories of numerous farmers who found themselves on the wrong side of government food policy. New laws and rulings have adversely affected small farms and organic buying clubs, and have gotten the attention our politicians.

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Rawesome Foods founder arrested, subjected to “Week of Hell” in L.A. jail

20th March

WASHINGTON, March 20, 2012—James Stewart, founder of Rawesome Foods, an organic food buying club, was arrested and imprisoned by Ventura County marshals while attending a preliminary hearing in a L.A. Court.

Stewart is fighting multiple felonies filed against him for the production and distribution of farm fresh raw milk, or milk that is sold unpasteurized. Raw milk is said to retain vital nutrients and health benefits that are destroyed, according to proponents, in the pasteurization process.

Raw milk is legal in California.

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