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About Us


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Omkara World is a wellness company that is dedicated to facilitating your evolution into the best version of yourself.

Our products and teachings are intended to be of service to the whole person, on all levels from physical and emotional, to mental and spiritual.

Whether you are a spiritual seeker, someone who’s interested in physical fitness and health, or somewhere in between, Omkara World’s products, services, information, and guided practices will spark this transformation in you.

At the center of Omkara World’s offerings is founder Adam Omkara’s unique system of energy cultivation, Illumination Qi Gong, which will compliment and support nearly any other physical or spiritual practice.

Omkara World is also home to the synergistic results of Adam Omkara’s past projects, events, media work, and collaborations with other innovators in the fields of wellness, spirituality, art, and culture.

Using his unique talent for grasping the essences of different healing practices and esoteric modalities, Adam Omkara has distilled the learnings from his eclectic studies into practical applications that can fit into anyone’s daily life.

Join the Evolution!

The world needs good people now more than ever – witness for yourself how setting out on Omkara World’s course of self-transformation will have a positive ripple effect on those around you!

Illumination Qi Gong

Dubbed “The perfect companion to Yoga,” Illumination Qi Gong is an intuitive, spiritual based Qi cultivation system devised by Adam Omkara.

Using the simple and effective Adam Omkara devised system, incorporating the Chakra zones and combining visualization, affirmations and intention setting, just 15 minutes of this unique system, can equate to 45 minutes of a similar technique.

It’s simple to follow, and paired with 2 meditations and affirmations, the overall experience has been found to be totally transformative and unique.

Illumination Qi Gong goes great with a Yoga and mindfulness practice.
Benefits and experiences include:enhanced mindfulness • enhanced peace of mind and stress reduction • greater healing and recovery time from training, injuries, or illness • greater clarity of thought • Enhanced subtle senses and extra sensory perception • greater trauma and PTSD processing

The only other person I have met who compares to the type of empowered individual Adam Helfer is, would be Anthony Robbins. Adam’s kindness, knowledge and instruction has totally changed my life.”

E.M., Reiki Master

Adam Omkara is a BodyMind health therapist, coach and spiritual advisor to some of the most influential people in the world including celebrities, politicians, award-winning scientists, a Saudi prince, professional athletes, sports team owners, billboard musicians, Bollywood stars, Ironman champions and a former Miss Olympia.


Adam Omkara was born in Washington D.C. and raised in rural upper Montgomery County, Maryland.
With artist parents and grandparents involved in D.C. politics, Adam spent his childhood in D.C. exploring galleries and museums and assimilating urban culture into his rural life.

Awakening and Spiritual Training

At the age of 19 years old, Adam Omkara had a spontaneous full kundalini awakening that left him with enhanced extra sensory capacities and a deep drive to discover the meaning behind his experience.

He soon began schooling in psychology and sports medicine as well as engaging in independent study of mysticism and spiritual principles. When he was 22, Adam decided to live in an ashram and practice as a monk for two years. During this time, he learned the mystical bhakti yoga tradition and underwent deep study of vedic scripture. He has since followed the bhakti yoga tradition for 30 years.

In 1993, he received the name “AgniDeva Dasa” by His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami and in 1995 he was awarded Brahmana priest diksa and received the sacred thread. Since receiving Brahmana diksa, he has conducted sacred Pujas and ceremonies at a Radha Krishna temple every week for over 25 years.

Adam continued schooling and attended the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences and Chinese Medicine in New York City, where he graduated in 1995. Adam also is a C.H.E.K. certified Nutrition and Lifestyle coach and started his career as a massage therapist, holistic lifestyle counselor and instructor.

He is an Intrinsic Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and has certifications in numerous healing modalities.
Adam conducts private and public classes and also serves as a personal consultant and advisor to clients all over the world.


His intuitive gifts, training, ongoing research and unique ability to combine Eastern healing modalities, fitness, cutting edge health, nutrition, psychology and bhakti yoga has allowed Adam to empower, connect and aid clients in establishing a more balanced, holistic approach to life in an individualized way.

Adam’s quality, perseverance, commitment and dedication to his work has earned praise from internationally known figures. He has been recognized as one of the new generation’s empowered individuals in the holistic, mind and body fields. He is reaching new people each day with his visionary and revolutionary mindset, instruction and guidance.

Adam is also the founder and creative visionary of Intelligent Fitness and Chakra Infusion Qi Gong, a cutting-edge Chi cultivation system that combines mindfulness, visualization, mantras, and Qi Gong techniques. He offers a continuing education certified workshop that encompasses both the Intelligent Fitness principles and the Chakra Infusion Qi Gong.


Adam’s column in the Washington Times Online (now CDN/Communities Digital News) is read worldwide and makes him the only person in the spiritual and holistic health and fitness industry that has a regular voice in major, mainstream media.

Adam broke the “Occupy Wall Street” story when it was subjected to a media blackout and later appeared regularly on radio on both the East and West Coasts from Occupy Camps as an expert correspondent. Adam also has presented at the United States congress covering organic and small farm issues, and was part of the Obama presidential press detail covering campaign speeches.



As I founded and developed Omkara World, I’ve continued to keep a busy schedule with clients, patients and students, often working late into the night.
I’ve never lost track of what it’s like to be a student (as I still consider myself one), parent, full-time worker, and perhaps all of the above.

This has all inspired me to devise my programs intentionally for individuals who lead a full and busy life. -Adam Omkara

The only other person I have met who compares to the type of empowered individual Adam Helfer is, would be Anthony Robbins. Adam’s kindness, knowledge and instruction has totally changed my life.”

E.M., Reiki Master