Intelligent Fitness DVD

Look and feel great with this easy-to-do bodyweight workout from leading holistic health expert Adam Helfer.

This workout is based on the "Ananda" (bliss) exercises that are sweeping the country and changing lives!

Are you ready to "Join the Evolution?"

Results have been seen in just one workout!

Here are just some of the benefits of doing the Intelligent Fitness DVD by Adam Omkara:

Cultivate mind-body balance

  • Increased strength
  • Increased metabolism for fat loss
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Enhanced digestion
  • Brain balancing for increased well-being and stress reduction
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased production of our body's fat burning and muscle building hormones

A message from Adam Omkara...

Adam Omkara
Do you need a workout routine? Are you tired of your same workout routine? Well, Join the Evolution and come discover the cutting edge of health and fitness with us in the Intelligent Fitness video.

Already have an exercise program? Upgrade it into an elite routine by easily including Omkara's Ananda exercises.

Many workout routines are primarily centered around aesthetic or physical results and goals. With the Ananda exercises you get all of those benefits, plus an expanded range of health benefits most workouts can't even touch!

Need motivation and looking to start up an exercise program? The Intelligent Fitness exercises will give you a perfect foundation.

No Gym required! Simple to do! Work out anywhere at any home, while traveling...anywhere you want, so there's no more procrastinating. The Intelligent Fitness exercises are there for you whenever you want!

Learn generations-old exercises like The Ashram squats and The Ashram Pushups - special exercises were passed on to me while I was a student in a Bhakti yoga ashram. Now its time for me to pass them on to you!

"A successful long term fitness routine is always evolving- there may not be two greater exercises to take you and your routine to a higher level then the ashram squats and push-ups.."

Intelligent Fitness DVD Highlights

The Ashram Squat

The Ashram Squat is an amazing bodyweight squat from the East that engages almost the entire body. It is safe and effective for men and women of all fitness levels. While it is perfect for the beginner it can be modified for the advanced athlete.

The Ashram Push-up

A powerful full-body push-up exercise that incorporates two Yoga movements. The Ashram Push-up combined with The Ashram Squat gives you an effective full-body workout that has been around for generations.

Ananda Rebound Bounces

Rebounding has been called "The greatest exercise ever devised by man". Learn Omkara's Ananda rebounding and brain balancing movements that can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. With regular practice, the Ananda Bounces can produce a mind boggling amount of benefits. They are amazingly simple and can be done in front of the T.V. set if needed. You don't even have to miss your favorite shows!

Ananda Abs

A practical, proven "no sit-up" process to firm and tone your abdominal area. Let Ananda Abs help you develop a tight tone core and waist without having to get on your back and do those crunches! A special breathing exercise is also included to really bring out extra definition. I have seen visible results in just one workout with this amazing exercise. You don't want to miss this one!

Ananda Stretch

A limber flexible body and flexible mind are 2 pillars of health we should all strive to attain. This super-stretch involves almost the entire body. Learn it and be on your way to great health and flexibility.

Intelligent Fitness increases HGH hormones! That means...

  • Overall well-being
  • Fat loss
  • Lean muscle growth
  • Increased sex drive
  • Firming of skin
  • Osteoporosis reversal

Also included in The Intelligent Fitness DVD is practical, priceless health information spoken throughout the entire workout by Adam Omkara.

Its amazing how much we have packed into this video, whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or just mix up your routine.

You get instruction and information that you will have with you for a lifetime all for the low price of one months gym membership!

Price: $29.95


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