About Omkara World

Omkara WorldOmkara is a multi-purpose wellness company that provides products, services and information promoting optimal health, balance and purification of the mind/body and spirit.

Omkara stands alone in the depth and broadness on which it bases its philosophy and products, which improve the quality of one’s life experience on a personal, community, and global level.

Omkara’s philosophical topics include:

  • Cutting edge mind/body information
  • Holistic fitness, diet, health and wellness tips, including information from the leading experts in the world
  • Hidden Information – Much pertinent information never makes it to the mainstream. Omkara knows where to look and relays it in a palatable fashion
  • 5000 year old wisdom from the Vedas and the Bhakti Yoga system- the uncensored yoga branch which includes all the other yoga systems in it

Omkara is truly one of a kind combining such a broad range of information and wisdom under one roof!

Come on and Join the Evolution!

About Adam “AgniDeva” Helfer

Adam Omkara

“The only other person I have met who compares to the type of empowered individual Adam Helfer is, would be Anthony Robbins. Adam’s kindness, knowledge and instruction has totally changed my life”

Reiki Master

After initial schooling in Psychology and sports medicine, Adam “AgniDeva” Helfer then took time to live in an ashram and practice as a monk for 2 years learning bhakti yoga meditation and undergoing deep study of vedic scripture. He has been actively following the bhakti yoga tradition for 20 years. In 1993 he received the name “AgniDeva Dasa” and in 1995 he was awarded bramana diksa and received the sacred thread.

He continued schooling and attended the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and Chinese Medicine in New York City, where he graduated in 1995. Adam also is a C.H.E.K. certified Nutrition and Lifestyle coach and started his career as a massage therapist, holistic lifestyle counselor and instructor. Adam is also an Intrinsic Coach and Reiki Master/Teacher. He holds on-going classes on the subject and serves also as a personal consultant and advisor with inquiries coming from all over the world.

His training and ongoing research in Eastern healing modalities, fitness, health, nutrition, psychology, esoterica, and bhakti yoga has allowed him to connect with individuals and aid them in establishing a more balanced, holistic approach to life. Adam’s quality, perseverance, commitment and dedication in to his line of work has attracted attention and gained praise from internationally known figures. He has been recognized as one of the new generations empowered individuals in the holistic and mind/body fields. He is touching new people each day with his visionary and revolutionary mindset, instruction, and wisdom that proves to be infectious. Adam’s column in the Washington Times Online is read worldwide and makes him the only person in the spiritual and holistic health/fitness industry that has a regular voice in major, mainstream media.

Adam started his company “Omkara World” in 2004 which is currently based in the Washington DC area with bases to be set up in New York City and Los Angeles. In his spare time he likes to bike, hike, read, volunteer, travel, meditate and work out.